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Please call , email or text (971) 267-5375 for an appointment or inquiries. I would also like to ask that you do not walk in without an appointment,  as I do not have staff to handle inquiries and I'm usually on a tight schedule. I appreciate your consideration.  

Office Policy​:

For your first appointment (Especially Insurance Patients) Please bring your photo ID and/or Insurance Card, fill out the client intake form and sign, date where indicated. Complete information is needed for your safety and benefit. Records are private per HIPPAA regulations. Please read the Price List, Office Policy, General Policy, and Waiver.  I usually try to have the client intake forms done online (prior) to your appointment. If this has not been done, please either come in 10-15 minutes early or if started at your appointment time, keep in mind that time filling out forms may reduce your time on the table. If you would like to use your insurance , please contact me ahead of time ( at least a week before your appointment) to confirm your eligibility and benefits. I like my clients to know these things ,and it's also to help prevent any surprise bills in the mail. 



Please be on time. Everyone’s time is important. Please be considerate and give 24 hours’ notice to change or cancel appointment time, unless you are having an emergency. If you do not call or show up to your appointment, you will be charged a $60 cancellation fee. If you are late for your appointment, we will still have to end the session at the allotted time. 


Contagious Diseases/ conditions: If you are ill with a contagious disease, your session will not be scheduled until your condition has been resolved. This precaution is necessary to protect everyone from infection. This includes upper respiratory infections, colds, coughs, flu, fever, and any type of infectious skin/nail/hair condition, including fungus infections.


Massage Therapy Sessions are designed for you to receive the best therapeutic results. You will be undressed to the level of your comfort, and professionally draped at all times. We will communicate as needed to follow the best course during each session. Please communicate any comfort issues to your therapist as well. 


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